Redeux Reclamation Program

Redeux Reclamation Program

As an advocate for sustainable design and eco-friendly living, Ecore has developed "Redeux" to further our commitment to reducing waste, reusing scrap, and recycling old products and samples in order to manufacture new products.

Ecore customers can send back old or remnant recycled rubber and cork products to Ecore’s Lancaster, PA manufacturing facility. Ecore takes this reclaimed material and makes it into new flooring, underlayments, and industrial products. Material is accepted on a case-by-case basis.

The Recycling Process

The Redeux process is incredibly unique due to the fact that Ecore products are already made from recycled materials at their inception and can then be "re-recycled" again and again. Ecore is proud to be able to reuse our waste, reduce the amount of products going into landfills, and recycle; therefore, significantly extending the life of each product we manufacture.

Due to a proprietary process and complete quality control, no integrity is lost manufacturing new products from recycled materials. Quality is held to high standards. Due to Ecore’s own recycling capabilities, nothing is outsourced. These capabilities also reduce the use of fossil fuels by eliminating shipping to a separate rubber recycling company.

Recycled rubber and cork products that have been accepted into the Redeux reclamation program are sorted. Carpet products crated using Ecore’s patented Itstru technology are first sent through a liberating machine capable of removing the fiber wear layer from the recycled rubber backing. All materials accepted into the Redeux program are shredded, cleaned, and ground for the next generation of recycled rubber flooring, underlayment, and industrial products.

When you determine that you want to recycle your old flooring products, what do you do?

This guide is designed to make you aware of all of the program parameters, so you can better inform your building owners and partners during the decision making process.

  • A photo of all material that you wish to return must be emailed to:
  • Along with the photo that is emailed, please include the answers to the following questions.
    (All questions must be answered in full or the material will not be considered for the Redeux Program.)
    1. Who is sending this material back?
      (Include Contact Name, Company Name and Contact information for the company returning the material.)
    2. Who does the material belong to?
      (If different that above)
    3. What is the original Ecore order number generated when the material was purchased?
    4. When was the material installed?
    5. How much material would you like to send back? (in sq ft)
    6. How was the material installed? (glue, double sided tape, loose lay, etc.)
    7. Is the material free of all foreign contamination?
      (stones, wood debris, tape, concrete, dirt, drywall, etc.)
  • A 1" x 1" sample of the material must be mailed to Ecore for inspection.
    • Ecore International
      Redeux Take Back Program
      715 Fountain Ave
      Lancaster, PA 17601
  • Once the material is approved for the Redeux Take Back Program, Ecore will provide a PO#.


  • Product should be removed from the existing installation and prepared for return shipment.
  • Remnant pieces and previously installed product is welcomed.
  • Material with a significant build up of adhesive will not be accepted.
  • Material must be contamination free (no wood, stones, metal, tape, concrete, dirt, drywall, etc.).
  • Material must be shipped in pieces no larger than 4' x 4'.

Shipping Preparation

  • The PO# must be clearly marked on the shipment.
  • The material must be packed neatly on 4'x4' skids.
  • Be sure to shrink wrap the skid for shipping. No boxed material will be accepted.
  • Product should be kept dry.
  • The skid must be free of construction or demolition debris.

Return of Product

Skids of returned product should be shipped to Ecore at the following address:

  • Ecore International
    Redeux Take Back Program
    715 Fountain Ave
    Lancaster, PA 17601

The customer must pay for the return shipping to Ecore.

Customer must provide shipping information with the date when the material is scheduled to arrive back at Ecore.

Please note, if all of these Guidelines are not met and the material arrives at Ecore, the shipment will be refused at the sender's expense.

Note: Please include the project name, location and contact information so that we can send you a letter stating the amount of product diverted from landfills for your records. If you do not include your project name, location and contact information, you will not receive a letter.

Sample Reclamation Program:

Ecore's product samples are now able to be returned to us for recycling and reuse. The same reclamation process applies to samples as to our floors.

What Products can be Recycled?

Recycled rubber and cork products from the following brands may be recycled: ECOsurfaces, Everlast Fitness Flooring, Pinnacle 2, Roster, QT Sound Insulation, PlayGuard Safety Surfacing, Pavesafe, and Ecore Industrial branded products.

In most cases, products containing an ECOguard coating or a scrim, products installed using Ecore's E-Grip III adhesive, and products made with Ecore's Itstru Technology will be accepted.