Our Ecological Commitment

Eco-logical smart people working in smart ways to make smart products.

Even before “green” was the white-hot business trend, Ecore and Polyflor had established themselves as companies dedicated to the environment.


Ecore is North America’s largest consumer of recycled scrap-tire rubber, reusing more than 75 million pounds of material each year. This is equivalent to keeping more than 2,000 trailer loads of discarded tires out of American’s landfills or conserving more than one million barrels of oil. Ecore’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities where employees strive to continually improve company efficiency and responsible resource management. To that end, Ecore has developed energy efficient processes that use minimal water and little or no heat. Ecore also reuses its scrap to minimize waste.

Through Ecore’s Redeux program, participating building professionals can recycle any Ecore product at the end of its useful life. The reclaimed material is made into new flooring, underlayments, and industrial products by Ecore, extending the life of each product manufactured and keeping rubber waste out of landfills.

Finally, Ecore walks the walk by seeking programs and organizations that share its mission to protect the planet. Ecore is an active member of many organizations, and many of its products have earned third-party certifications for its compliance with rigorous environmental standards.


Polyflor strives to be an environmentally and economically sustainable company by recycling and reducing waste and being as carbon neutral as possible. Polyflor’s new product development continues to focus on reducing environmental impact by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, and safe disposal.

Vinyl is a cost effective multi-faceted plastic, and it’s an environmentally sound choice when it comes to the environment. Over its whole life cycle, vinyl floor covering performs comparably or better than competing materials across a range of impacts.

Vinyl flooring is exceptionally energy efficient to manufacture, using less energy than other plastics and linoleum. Due to its incredible durability, it has a long service life, greatly reducing short-term replacements and subsequent energy consumption. Polyflor products’ ease of maintenance also means that energy intensive cleaning is not required and harsh chemical cleansers, polish, strippers, and water usage are massively reduced, if needed at all.

Vinyl is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled many times over without losing any of its performance properties. If it is not recycled, vinyl has a high calorific value and may be safely incinerated with energy recovery.

In addition to conserving resources by recycling, Polyflor is a founding member of Recofloor, a vinyl flooring take-back scheme that recycles vinyl flooring and prevents it from going to landfills.

Polyflor’s global ratings include:
  • BRE (UK and other countries)
  • LEED (USA) – gain points
  • Ecospecifier (Australia /S.Africa)
  • BASTA (Sweden)
  • Green Star (Australia)