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At Ecore, we accept responsibility for all of our products and processes.

What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Scientific Certification Systems According to SCS Global Services, most of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. So, we should all be concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ). Buildings and what we put inside—furniture, paint, and flooring—contain chemical and biological contaminants that can negatively affect our health. When these contaminants volatilize into the air we breathe, they can cause us to have symptomatic health issues, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, an allergic reaction, or worse yet a long-term illness. Poor ventilation and high humidity can increase the concentration of certain pollutants inside. This combined with chemical pollutants emitted by materials inside a building may interact, making the situation worse.

Some long-term health effects—cancer, developmental disorders, and heart or respiratory diseases—may not be realized until long after exposure to the contaminant has ended. In addition to harming our health, poor IAQ negatively effects productivity.

FloorScore Certification: ECOsurfaces, and Everlast

At Ecore, we accept responsibility for all of our products and processes. However, third party certification is a testament to product quality, environmental standards, and safety. All Everlast Fitness Flooring, ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring products, and Forest RX are FloorScore® certified for use in high performance schools and office buildings. FloorScore products meet rigorous IAQ requirements for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

The FloorScore program was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with SCS, which tests and certifies flooring and flooring adhesive products, and certifies production facilities for compliance with rigorous IAQ emission requirements. VOCs are evaluated using health-based specifications. Products bearing the FloorScore label meet indoor air emissions criteria for:

Everlast and ECOsurfaces products also have the potential to contribute toward earning points toward LEED certification.

What environmental programs recognize FloorScore® certified products?

  • U.S. Green Building Council LEED Rating System
  • LEED for New Construction (NC)
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI)
  • LEED for Core and Shell (CS)
  • LEED for Healthcare (HC)
  • LEED for Schools
  • LEED for Homes
  • LEED for Existing Buildings (EB)
  • Green Guide for Health Care
  • ANSI/GBI 01-2010 Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings
  • ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings
  • NAHB ANSI National Green Building Standard
  • Collaboration for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
  • CSI Green Format
  • HBN Pharos Project
  • NSF/ANSI 332-2010 Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Floor Coverings
  • Florida Green Home Standard
  • City of Scottsdale Environmental Rating System
  • EPA Tools for Schools Program

FloorScore Certified for Indoor Use

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