Basics of Sound Transmission

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound (eg. TV or radio). STC is dominated by the mass in an assembly (e.g. Concrete vs. wood construction). This number is minimally affected by the floor covering and/or underlayment.

Impact Insulation Class (IIC) is a rating of how well a floor-ceiling assembly attenuates impact sounds (footsteps, dropped items). IIC is dominated by material properties and installation methods. This number can be significantly improved by the proper floor covering and underlayment.

Sound Transmission Class (STC)
Sound Transmission Class (STC) Illustration
Impact Insulation Class (IIC)
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Illustration

Why worry about noise?

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Sleep Disturbance
Cardiovascular Effects
Psychophysiological Effects

Health Concerns

The World Health Organization links serious health concerns to excessive noise including: sleep disturbance, cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects. These can reduce performance at both school and work and provoke changes in social behavior.

In the Hospitality & Lodging Industry, better control of sound transmission has a direct correlation to higher guest satisfaction. Hotel noise has been cited in online guest reviews as a leading travel complaint since 2010 according to JD Power's North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index.

AttainSilence achieves Delta IIC ratings as high as 26dB

The best way to treat structure-borne noise is to suppress it at its source – the flooring! Once acoustic energy enters the structure of a building, it becomes much more difficult to control. It can cost 10 times as much to fix a noise problem than address it in the design phase.

Why is AttainSilence effective?

Different building materials transmit sound at different speeds. A vital piece of the AttainSilence System, ECOsilence is a recycled rubber underlayment that greatly reduces structure-borne sound transmission.

Speed of sound in various media:

Acoustic Solutions

Ecore offers ECOsilence bases in 3 different thicknesses, and when combined with Attain, will handle all of your acoustic needs.




Attain(LVT surface)



To increase the effectivenesss...

Perimeter isolation strips isolate the flooring from the walls to minimize lateral sound transmission. Lightweight and easy to install, the strips are to be used with every ECOsilence installation. This product is 6mm (0.24”) thick by 2.5” wide, and is distributed in rolls of 50 lf.

Acoustic Performance: AttainSilence 2.5

6" Concrete Subfloor IIC rating graph 6" concrete subfloor
8" Concrete Subfloor IIC rating graph 8" concrete subfloor
8" Concrete with Ceiling IIC rating graph 8" concrete subfloor with ceiling

Customize Your AttainSilence System

The beauty of the AttainSilence System is that there are hundreds of different combinations to meet your specific needs. We’d love to send you a sample of the one that works best for you!

First, explore the charts below to determine which depths of ECOsilence and Attain are right for you. Then, select the finish of Attain that you prefer for your space. When you select your Attain finish, you will automatically receive the depths of ECOsilence that pair with your choice. Make those selections, click “Add to Cart,” and we’ll send you what you’ve ordered!

  1. ECOsilence Underlayment - Depth Options

    Available in a variety of thicknesses and compatible with most floor finishes, ECOsilence is an underlayment designed to exceed IIC requirements while maintaining a low profile. 2mm can achieve Delta IIC ratings up to 25dB and IIC ratings up to 72 dB.

    ECOsilence 1
    Thickness Dimensions 1.0mm (0.04-inch) thickness
    ECOsilence 2
    Thickness Dimensions 2mm (0.08-inch) thickness
    ECOsilence 5
    Thickness Dimensions 5mm (0.20-inch) thickness
  2. Attain - Depth Options

    Attain is a collection of luxury vinyl tile designed for a wide range of commercial applications. Available in two traditional glue down thicknesses and one floating/click configuration, Attain is a diverse collection replicating wood planks, textiles, woven surfaces and concrete.

    Attain 2.0 Light Commercial

    Dimensions2.0mm (0.08") thickness
    8mil wear layer
    For use in light commercial environments
    Product OptionsWood: 2.0mm (0.08") x 6" x 36" planks
    Texture: 2.0mm (0.08") x 18" x 18" tiles

    Attain 2.5 Commercial

    Dimensions2.5mm (0.10") thickness
    20mil wear layer
    For use in commercial, heavy traffic environments
    Product OptionsWood (except Dark Ash): 2.5mm (0.10") x 6" x 36" planks
    Dark Ash: 2.5mm (0.10") x 7" x 48" planks
    Texture: 2.5mm (0.10") x 18" x 18" tiles

    Attain 4.2 Click

    Dimensions4.2mm (0.17") thickness
    20mil wear layer
    For use in commercial environments
    No adhesive needed for installation
    Product OptionsWood: 4.2mm (0.17") x 7" x 48" planks
    Texture: 4.2mm (0.17") x 12" x 24" tiles
  3. Attain - Color Options

    Product Options shown in BLACK are standard to the Attain line. Product Options shown in RED are custom, therefore minimum yields, additional lead time, and specific pricing will apply. Please contact your local agent for more details regarding these options.

The Systems: AttainSilence


The AttainSilence System combines the varied look of Attain and the reliable performance of ECOsilence for one warranted system that provides an ideal solution to the acoustical challenges in your environment.

AttainSilence 2.0

AttainSilence 2.0.2
AttainSilence 2.0.2
2.0mm (0.08") Attain over
2.0mm (0.08") ECOsilence
AttainSilence 2.0.5
AttainSilence 2.0.5
2.0mm (0.08") Attain over
5.0mm (0.20") ECOsilence

AttainSilence 2.5

AttainSilence 2.5.2
AttainSilence 2.5.2
2.5mm (0.10") Attain over
2.0mm (0.08") ECOsilence
AttainSilence 2.5.5
AttainSilence 2.5.5
2.5mm (0.10") Attain over
5.0mm (0.20") ECOsilence

AttainSilence 4.2

AttainSilence 4.2.1
AttainSilence 4.2.1
4.2mm (0.17") Attain over
1.0mm (0.04") ECOsilence

Feel confident knowing that AttainSilence comes with a full system warranty.

Choose the depth of each product to order a sample of your custom AttainSilence System. Samples are currently only available in that color's standard options.

Attain Depth:
ECOsilence Depth: