Who We Are

Ecore Commercial Flooring (ECF) features a variety of surfaces to meet virtually every commercial flooring application need.

Most of the ECF collections (ECOsurfaces, Tru, Underlayments, Knot Carpet and Everlast) are manufactured by Ecore. Three other collections contain products that are manufactured by some of our business partners: Polyflor and MJO.

Since 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed waste into unique surfaces that make people's lives better. What started with simple cork closures has evolved into a diverse portfolio of products solving complex problems in applications ranging from playgrounds, weight rooms, and turf fields to hospitals, hotels, and retail environments. We are driven everyday by a simple question, “Can a floor do more?” At Ecore, we believe the answer is “YES.” We are building our company and the products we offer based on the simple notion that floors should elevate beyond current expectations. Our energy is focused on the interaction between people and the surface. We engineer performance well beyond industry standards related to acoustics, ergonomics, and safety. Harvesting the unique power from a myriad of waste streams, Ecore creates products that align–substantial force reduction with a balanced amount of energy return to create dynamic surfaces that are catered to the individual and the application. Ecore is comprised of four business units: Ecore Athletic, Ecore Commercial Flooring, Ecore Construction, and Ecore Industrial.

People will fall… we will be there to catch them!
Professionals will overwork their bodies… we will soften the blow!
Footfall sounds will keep someone awake… we will quiet the noise!
Ecore. Built by YES

For more information about Ecore, visit www.ecoreintl.com or watch this video.

Like Ecore, Polyflor is a family-owned company operated by 4 generations. Established in 1915 near Manchester, England, Polyflor’s origins are in textiles, and the company is known as the pioneers in the production of homogeneous vinyl flooring.

Today Polyflor has 10 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide, offering a broad portfolio of commercial and domestic floor coverings. Like Ecore, Polyflor is also committed to the environment and is committed to reducing waste, energy use, and emissions. To learn more about Polyflor, visit www.polyflor.com.

MJO Cork is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of Cork flooring and wall products. Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, harvested in Portugal, MJO Cork prides itself on their environmental policy. Ecore has been working with MJO for more than 40 years. To learn more about MJO, visit www.mjo.pt/en/.