ECOsurfaces introduces ECOrx

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring, manufactured by ECORE International and exclusively distributed by Gerbert Limited, announces the introduction of its premier laminated flooring product, ECOrx. ECOrx features a proprietary new factory-bonded composition that includes any standard ECOsurfaces pattern and a recycled SBR rubber underlayment, all manufactured in the United States at ECORE's Lancaster, PA production facility.

The ECOrx system features patented technology that bonds ECOsurfaces' wear layer and underlayment materials together enabling installation that previously included multiple steps to be completed in one swift process. The bonding of these resilient layers delivers superior surfacing support and durability for significantly low overall life-cycle costs.

"We are excited about the new application opportunities that ECOrx's patented lamination technology has opened up for ECOsurfaces and how it will be a propelling force in the commercial and architectural markets," states Kathryn Ross, director of marketing, ECORE International.

Because ECOrx is composed of two layers of recycled material, it includes an even greater source of sustainable content. With recycled rubber underlayment and a recycled rubber wear layer, ECOrx can contribute up to 9 points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). It also meets the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria, is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality, and supports the ASTM E2129-05 Sustainability Assessment.

The ECOrx collection features 83 standard colors, with a standard thickness of 15.2mm (3.2mm wear layer and 12mm underlayment). It is ideal for applications such as pharmacy counters, cash-wrap areas, checkouts, nurse's stations, pediatric and neonatal units, ticket counters, bank teller counters, and other areas where an extra layer of cushioned support is beneficial.

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