ECOSurfaces Flooring Launches Custom "Pattern Play" Application on Website

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring has launched a custom color application on the ECOsurfaces website called "Pattern Play." The application allows a designer or potential customer to develop a custom color pattern using the standard ColorMill EPDM colors that are offered by ECOsurfaces.

"This application is something that has been a long time coming for ECOsurfaces. It will be a great tool for designers and customers to create a totally unique recycled rubber floor using ECOsurfaces' custom capabilities," explains Andrew Dodge, managing director of ECOsurfaces.

ECOsurfaces worked tirelessly with developers for several months to design and test this new tool that introduces some new capabilities to Pattern Play which officially launched on the ECOsurfaces' website on Friday, July 29, 2011. Previously, designers and customers had to request custom pattern mock-ups from the manufacturer, which did not offer the instant gratification that Pattern Play can. Pattern Play encourages customers to "play" with EPDM colors to invent an exclusive custom pattern that they can see come to life (if they like it and choose to order it).

The EPDM color options are based on ColorMill colors that are manufactured by ECORE International at their Lancaster, PA facility. There are well over 25 different EPDM colors to choose from, ranging in colors from light grays and tans to bright blues, reds, and greens which allows you to create one-of-a-kind, distinct combinations. ECOsurfaces is also set to release several new EPDM color chips in the next few months.

Up to three custom color patterns can be developed at one time. As a standard, each combination must have at least 5% black, but could consist of a higher percentage of black depending on preference and design scheme. The desired color pattern can include between two and five EPDM colors, but no more than five.

Once complete, the custom color pattern can be printed. The printout includes a summary of what colors were chosen and their percentages within the formulation. If interested in receiving a quote for their custom pattern, customers can fill out the online form within the application to have an ECOsurfaces sales rep contact them. To begin designing, please click here.

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