ECOsurfaces donates to Greenspace in Washington, DC

Lancaster, PA - ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring is pleased to announce its donation and partnership with the non-profit organization, Greenspace. Greenspace, NCR, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering green real estate and economic development in the nation's capital region, developing and implementing green policies, and providing stewardship of growing green communities.

ECOsurfaces has donated $2,500 worth of ECOrocks' in Big Boulder for Greenspace's Learning and Resource Center, a 12,000 square foot space at the Nationals' Ballpark in Washington, D.C. The learning center is designed to meet LEED platinum standards and will be the region's place to showcase ideas and resources. It is projected to serve a market of at least 200,000 development professionals by building the skills and relationships necessary to create our green neighborhoods.

"ECOsurfaces is honored to support the Greenspace initiative to inspire, energize, and achieve groundbreaking partnerships and programs that bring vibrant green communities to life," states Andrew Dodge, managing director of ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring. To learn more about Greenspace NCR visit

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